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Murmansk Northern Lights Photo tour

Our Photo Tour to Murmansk will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the impressive polar landscapes in the Kola Peninsula, with all the experience of www.viajesfotograficos.com. We will seek to photograph the beauty of the northern lights in an unique environment, we will also photograph incredible sunrises and sunsets between ice forests or on the impressive Barents Sea coast.


The incredible Russian polar landscapes will serve as a stage for making beautiful photographs. We will visit, from frozen waterfalls and rivers, to roundy rocky beaches with impressive views of one of the most spectacular seas in the world. But also, forests covered with snow that will leave us amazed. And of course the opportunity to photograph the incredible Northern Lights in the russian North Pole.


Undoubtedly, one of the best destinations on the planet if you like photography of landscape and nature and practically unknown by many, so it is one of the best destinations to get off the most tourist routes. During these seven days, we will move along the coast near Murmansk in search of the best possible images. For this, we will visit the most spectacular locations in the best moments of light, sunrise and sunset. But, also, we will do nocturnal sessions in search of the magical aurora borealis, a phenomenon that we will pursue throughout our stay.

This trip is planned to the maximum to get the best results in each location. In addition, it is adapted to be suitable for all types of ages and levels. The vast majority of the places we will photograph are easily accessible. Therefore, it is not a trip for which an advanced physical fitness level is needed.


On the other hand, the trip is suitable for all levels, since no specific photographic knowledge is required. Although it is a photographic journey and not a workshop, the photographers that accompany you will help all customers who need it to capture the best possible images, regardless of the previous level, whether basic, medium or even initial.


With all this, we will enjoy a fantastic week of photography. During that time, we will be able to get magnificent images of these incredible landscapes, while we share hobbies and memories.


Below you can see the itinerary planned for this Photo Trip to Murmansk. We are convinced that it will be an incredible experience.


Day 1 – Start of the trip

The first day of this tour will start with the arrival at Murmansk International Airport. The group will meet at the airport to begin this Photo Trip to the Kola Peninsula.


Later, we will travel to our destination for the next two nights, a hostel in the middle of the Murmansk woods, where we will go for a walk in the afternoon to begin to know the area.

From this first night, we will be very aware of the forecasts and conditions to try to photograph northern lights.

Day 2 – Winter forests

We will spend the whole day in the woods around our hostel, moving to photograph the most scenic points of it. We will explore and be enjoying the different locations that this idyllic forest offers in winter, looking for the best locations to photograph at sunset and the best position for our night session, in search of the magical lights of the North.

Day 3 – Teriberka

After photographing the sunrise, we will head east to Teriberka, our next destination where we will spend the rest of the 4 nights. A small fishing village in front of the Barens Sea, where we can observe how even the waters of its river, are frozen before the mouth in the sea. In the afternoon we will explore the area to have the perfect location at sunset time, as well as be prepared for the possibility of photographing northern lights.

Day 4 – Barenst Sea

Today we will capture the sunrise in the surroundings of Teriberka. Its minimalist landscapes and its beaches with round rocks will open the way to views of a harsh and rough northern sea.

We will explore the east coast of Teriberka throughout the day, where incredible clouds form directly from the North Pole. We will take advantage of the sunset to photograph its iconic beaches with rounded stones and we will explore the possibility of photographing aurora borealis.

Day 5 – Boat Cemetery

During today, we will walk through the old town, where we can get to an old boatyard dating from the early twentieth century. The landscape of this place, will allow us to take totally spectacular photographs of the hardness of life in the place.

In the evening we will continue our search for the northern lights.


Days 6 – Maloye Batareyskoye

After photographing the sunrise, we will move the waterfalls of Lake Maloye Batareyskoye where we will spend the day touring their idyll surroundings


Day 7 – End of the trip

On this last day of the trip, we will go out to photograph the coast at dawn.

After that, we will start our way to the airport of Murmansk, where we will arrive at midmorning, saying goodbye to the Arctic Ocean of all the beautiful nature of the far north of Russia. This will culminate our photographic trip to Murmansk.




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Baikal Lake Photo tour 2020

Our Photo Tour to Lake Baikal, in Russia, is one of our new destinations for the year 2020 with the agency www.viajesfotograficos.com. Incredible caves and dreamy landscapes in its famous frozen waters. Lake Baikal is a perfect destination for all those who love nature, the great landscapes and, without a doubt, for any landscape photographer. From February 29 to March 9, we can enjoy these landscapes without worrying about anything else, since all services will be included, traveling in full pension throughout the tour.


Located in the region of Irkutsk, south of Siberia, for many the most impressive lake in the world, is a region with an overflowing beauty. During our Photo Trip to Lake Baikal, we will have the opportunity to photograph ice caves, the frozen water of the lake with its characteristic lines and bubbles … apart from the possibilities of visiting the unique local culture in the world of this spectacular peninsula, a mixture of religions between orthodox, Buddhism and primitive shamanism.



In order to make the most of this trip, we will spend the nights in Olkhon Island, located in the center of the lake, and that will facilitate access to all places with the greatest possible comfort. In this way, we will be able to photograph the most spectacular and, at the same time, most exclusive locations. Always looking for the moments of better light, surrounded by a unique natural environment, in a wild territory.


For a trip like this, we will have the services of a local expert company, who will guide us, assist us and prepare everything we need during our trip, so that we only have to take care to enjoy photographing incredible places such as those here we will find A special photographic journey, an authentic adventure, that will allow us to reach where others only dream.


With the support of our team of guides, drivers and local experts, we offer you an incomparable Photographic Journey, towards wild routes, in search of really unique images. Thanks to them, our professional photographers, Eduardo Fuster and Sergio Lanza, will be able to focus on helping you to achieve the best possible photographs of Lake Baikal, contributing all your experience and knowledge in photography, and taking you to the most amazing locations of the destination.




Day 1


Our Photo Tour to Lake Baikal begins on February 29, 2020, at Irkutsk Airport, the meeting place of the group at an agreed time. This first day, we will take the opportunity to get to know each other and our local guide. We will go directly from Irkutsk to Cape Kristovsky where we will stay in a house of local farmers in the middle of nature. Cape Krestovsky is located on the west bank of Lake Baikal, on the border of the Baikal forests and the Tazheranskaya steppe. The site is far away from other tourist sites, and will allow us to begin to intrude on the nature of the region and photograph its forests. Its majestic rocky cliffs are usually covered with ice sheets and without snow, which will allow us to start taking majestic photographs of the place. In the house we can rest and take a hot bath (the house has a Russian sauna: Banya), besides being able to taste typical homemade food of the region.



Day 2

We will wake up soon to begin visiting Lake Baikal, after having breakfast, in all its splendor in our transport by the bay near our house. We will be able to photograph it in all its splendor, with its iconic lines that will offer us magnificent photographic compositions. At the same time we will hear the sound of ice crunching under our feet at the bottom of the lake, something similar to ethnic music for the locals. At night we will return to the house, to rest and return to dinner typical food.



Day 3

We will return early in the morning to visit the Cabo Sagan-Zaba, which means Rocas Blancas, which will offer us spectacular winter views of the lake. In them we can observe cave paintings, of the Kurykan tribes, which according to the scientists are the ancestors of the native tribes of North America. From there we will go to the cave Aya, located on the plateau of the same name in the Tazheran steppe. Aya comes from the Evenk language, indigenous people of Siberia, and that means “beautiful, incredible”. In fact, the cave Aya is the largest on the west bank of Lake Baikal and in it we can visit several rooms called: music, cheese, snow and marble. On leaving we will continue advancing on Lake Baikal through the Tazheran steppe to the Strait of the Mar Menor. We will stay at the hotel and have time to take a walk around Cape Uyuga and the island of Oltrek, each year covered with incredible ice temples.



Day 4


After breakfast first thing, we will dedicate the day completely to visit the rocky caves of the island of Olkhon. From the southern end of Cape Mare to finish in the village of Khuzhir. We will visit caves with an infinity of ice stalactites and ice floors with frozen bubbles that will offer us incredible photographs. We will also visit the Buddhist steppe located on the top of the island of Ogoy, where we will have spectacular views and better understand the culture that inhabits the area.


We will return to the hotel for dinner and rest in the village of Khuzhir.


Day 5


As every day, we will have breakfast early to begin our excursion along the ice of the west coast of the island of Olkhon to its northernmost point: Cape Khoboy, which translated from the Evenk language means “Fang”. This Cape is also called rock “Virgo”, as the sign of the zodiac, because the rock of the cape is reminiscent of a woman in a long dress.


Late in the afternoon, we will arrive at the Uzura meteorological station, the only settlement on the east side of the island of Olkhon, and we will stay in a cozy guest house at the weather station.


Here we can take a bath and visit another Banya, to enter and heat, while we prepare dinner with the typical Baikal fish: omul a la parrila.

Day 6


Today we will wake up even more to prepare for the sunrise, since from this point we will have the best moment of light when the light arrives from the mountains on the other side of the lake. After the session, we will return to breakfast to gather strength for today’s excursion. We will walk to the Guardian of Lake Baikal, a majestic formation of old trees with twisted branches, which in winter will offer us incredible photographs of their nature. Then, we will move on the ice to the other side of the lake, to the Svyatoy peninsula on the other shore of Lake Baikal, in the republic of Buryatia. This is the widest place in the whole lake, and it will be a true adventure to cross from one side to the other. In the afternoon we will arrive at the fishing village of Kurbulik and we will stay in a guest house near the local fishermen’s houses. There we can take a hot bath in the Banya, and have dinner with the fishermen before resting in our rooms.

Day 7


This day we will explore the Chivyrkuy bay of Lake Baikal, visit the nearby islands and have the unique opportunity to swim in the hot springs and mineralized outdoors. The area will offer us the possibility of continuing to take photographs of its icy waters, but also we can make a more social picture of the fishermen of the area and the hard life of these in the long Siberian winters, with which we will spend the night again in the town.

Day 8


Today we will leave the cozy fishing village and go to the Barguzin valley, surrounded by mountain ranges – the mountains of Barguzin and Ikat.


Here we will visit the Suvo rock complex, which are the ruins of an ancient Buddhist castle discovered 20 years ago, and which has become a center of Buddhist pilgrimage. We will visit the current monastery, the temple dedicated to the goddess Yanzhima, that will offer us the possibility of making incredible social and architectural photographs. In the afternoon we will reach the extreme point of the Barguzin valley, where the two crests are closed and we will be located in a guesthouse on an island of the Barguzin river, at the foot of the mountains. This place is called Yhmey. Here you can also swim in the mineralized baths and, if you wish, even in a small warm lake.

Day 9


Return to Lake Baikal through the Barguzin Valley, driving along the lake shore to Ulan-Ude. There we will visit the Ivolginsky datsan, which is the center of Buddhism in Russia and where its architecture will offer us some wonderful pictures to close our trip.

Day 10


We will perform our last session at dawn on the Ivolginsky datsan, and later return to the hotel to pick up our bags and go to Irkutsk on the way to the airport, where the trip will end.


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Russia Photo trip 2020

The Photographic tour to Russia is another of our new destinations for 2020 with www.viajesfotograficos.com. From June 19 to July 2 we will photograph the main spirit of the country. An exciting destination for his architectural, cultural and social culture that will offer us amazing photographies. We will visit the main Russian cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg and its surroundings, where we can photograph both its main monuments and incredible locations in more hidden places of conventional routes.


Within this extraordinary 15-day photographic journey, we will photograph magical places such as St. Petersburg, the city of the Tsars, which specially at this time of the year offers its best lights during white nights, where the sunset and sunrise are almost at the same time and that will allow us to visit different locations in the same day with the best lights. We will also travel to Moscow where on the way we can photograph the most unknown Russia, its typical wooden houses in the middle of immense forests, kremlins more unknown or incredible orthodox religious centers in the middle of nature. Already in the capital, we will have the possibility to photograph the historical Soviet architecture in all its splendor: The Kremlin and the Red Square, Soviet skyscrapers or the wonderful famous metro stations.


A destination with so many possibilities facilitates the realization of a really complete program, and that will take us to use ourselves to the maximum from the first moment, until the last day, before moving to the airport to start the return home.


So that you can have the maximum and best possibilities of obtaining great images, we have prepared this Photographic Trip to Russia with the highest level of detail and knowledge of the terrain, given that our guide Eduardo Fuster lives in Russia. Therefore, you can enjoy almost constant photographic possibilities during each of the days of our stay in this beautiful country.


In short, we talk about a very special opportunity to visit and photograph a country as full of contrasts and beauty as Russia, join our Photographic Tour and be one of the lucky ones who can enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Day 1

St. Petersburg


Arrival in Saint Petersburg. Meeting of the group and beginning of the trip.

Depending on the arrival time, we will visit the center to begin to know the city and photograph the Church of the Savior on the spilled blood, the Kazan Cathedral and the canals. Night at our hotel to rest and prepare for the next day.

Day 2

St. Petersburg


In the morning we will visit the Winter Palace (Hermitage), where we will guide you to the most spectacular rooms and we will begin to know Russian history a little better.


At the end we can take a short break in the center to eat and visit the summer gardens. In the afternoon we will cross the Neva river to visit the Peter and Paul fortress, and take photographs of the same fortress from within. Once visited inside, we will take a break at the hotel to gather strength for the night, where we will have plenty of time, thanks to the white nights, to take photographs at sunset of the sites visited during the day and return to the center as the previous day to photograph the main churches and streets of St. Petersburg


Day 3



In the morning we will go to visit the Peterhof Palace, about 30 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The place is considered the Russian Versailles, and apart from the great main palace we can photograph its immense gardens and the largest fountain complex in the world. We will attend the lighting of the fountains, and we will visit the palace inside on a guided tour.


In the afternoon we will return to St. Petersburg to have a bite to eat and rest before visiting St. Isaac and the statue of the bronze horse at dusk. We will climb to the top of St. Isaac to take panoramic photographs of the city. When going down and depending on the previous days, we will continue visiting the center to photograph its main monuments.

Day 4



In the morning we will visit the Soviet monuments in honor of Leningrad, we will leave the city to visit the Way of Life, the only way to entry food during the Nazi siege to the city, where we can visit many Soviet monuments, built in honor of the defenders of the city. Arriving at the Ladoga Side, we will continue our way to the south to reach the Oreshek fortress, to photograph it at sunset from the other side of the river, which will give us spectacular views of this ancient fortress of the Russian Empire.


Back in the city we will stop at the Smolny Cathedral to be able to photograph it during the white nights, from the banks of the Neva River and from the church square itself.



Day 5



We will leave early to visit the island of Krondstad, located in the Gulf of Finland, and where we can visit its forts and amazing cathedral.


After that, we will continue our route to the north where we will stop to visit the Mannerheim line, a series of Soviet and Finnish bunkers in the winter war. At dusk we will arrive at Vasilyevo, where the church is located on the smallest island in the world and will offer us some spectacular photographs in a unique atmosphere.

Day 6



In the morning we will visit the Palace of Caterina. We will photograph the gardens and visit the interior in a guided tour.


At the end of our visit we will leave St Petersburg to go to Novgorod, stopping in the small towns to photograph typical Russian houses called isbas.


We will arrive in Novgorod where after settling in the hotel, we will go out to visit the Kremlin and photograph its walls. Depending on the forces we will wait at sunrise because, as we will still be north, the sun will rise at dawn and we will be able to rest after having made our photographs


Veliky Novgorod city at sunset, Russia


Day 7



In the morning, and depending on the time of arrival the previous day we will visit the interior of the Novgorod Kremlin. We will gather strength to resume the march and leave for Moscow.


Just before arriving, we will stop in Istra to take pictures of the monastery and its mill, once visited inside we will go around its surroundings to wait for the sunset in the best location to photograph this incredible monastery that is part of the Russian Golden Ring. At the end of our session, we will arrive in Moscow to rest in our hotel of the Soviet era.

Day 8



In the morning we will visit the center of Moscow. Walking from our hotel we will visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and we will arrive to the Kremlin and the Red Square. We will visit the GUM, the Bolshoi Theater and Lubyanka Square.


We will rest and eat something before returning to the Kremlin to visit it inside. Where we can visit their cathedrals and have time to walk around its walls. At dusk we will continue touring the surroundings of the Kremlin to take pictures of this iconic location from the best points.



Kremlin of Moscow


Day 9



Early in the morning, we will take the car to visit the Russian golden ring. We will arrive at Serguei Posad, considered the Russian Vatican. Its fortress houses the largest monastery in Russia and its incredible churches and monastic life in the interior will allow us to take incredible photographs of the largest Orthodox spiritual center.


After a short break to eat we will continue our route towards Pereslavl-Zaleski. Where we will visit the Church of the Transfiguration, built in white stone, like all the surrounding Kremlin. At dusk, and from outside the Kremlin we will have the best moment of light to make incredible photographs of its architecture.

Día 10


We will get up early to take photographs in the Church of the 40 martyrs, located just at the mouth of the river in the lake of the city, which along with the water lilies that grow on its shore will allow us to make magical photographs of its architecture. At the end of our session we will continue our route to Rostov Veliki, another of the cities of the Golden Ring and which has the most beautiful Kremlin in Russia.


In the afternoon we will travel to Suzdal, another of the cities of the Golden Ring, whose particularity is the colorful dome of its churches and the city retains a traditional atmosphere that will allow us to take pictures from the other side of the river with a spectacular skyline. We will spend the night in the city to take advantage of both sunset and sunrise the next day to be able to photograph its architecture in all its splendor.



Day 11



After finishing the morning session in Suzdal, we will take the car to return to Moscow. In the afternoon we will visit the VDNKh park during the afternoon, where we can photograph Soviet pavilions dedicated to all the republics that were part of the USSR, as well as monuments dedicated to the scientists and workers of the extinct union.


In the surroundings we can also photograph the monument to the Soviet cosomonauts and one of the most emblematic monuments of the USSR: Worker and Kolkhoz. At the end of our session we will go to sunset to photograph one of the seven sisters of Stalin, a Soviet skyscraper on the riverbank that offers its best views at sunset. We will return to rest at the hotel once our session is over.

Day 12



We will use the morning to visit and photograph its famous metro stations. We will make a tour of the most beautiful stations and be able to photograph them with time. At the end, we will make a little rest and visit in the afternoon the museum of World War II or Great Patriotic War, where we can continue photographing Soviet architecture and knowing this part of Russian history.


At the end we will visit one of the most iconic modern photographic points of the city: the financial center of Moscow at dusk. A set of skyscrapers on the banks of the river that will allow us to take pictures of the new Russia.



Day 13



We will get up early to photograph another 4 of Stalin’s famous skyscrapers (The 7 Sisters) during the sunrise and in the morning. We will visit the city visiting the different buildings, besides knowing other buildings of interest. In the afternoon we will visit the university park, which has the last of the skyscrapers that we will visit this day and which will also offer panoramic views of the city.


In the afternoon we will visit the Novodevichy Convent that is close to the area, and at dusk we can choose between photographing its walls from the lake that surrounds it or returning to the university to make panoramic views of Moscow when the sun is setting.



Day 14



We will get up early to finish photographing in the morning the 2 last sisters of Stalin. At the end of our session we will approach the Izmailovsky market where we can find Russian antiques and make social photography with calm, in addition to having time also to buy authentic Soviet souvenirs. As an optional activity, you can visit the Stalin bunker in the same area, which preserves the areas where the high Soviet leader sheltered from the Germans during the Nazi siege. In the afternoon we will visit the monastery of Izmaylovsky Ostrov inside and as usual, we will go outside to take pictures at sunset from the nearby lake.



Day 15



Transfer to Moscow airport and return home.


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