Fine Art Photography Awards 2017

This year i presented one photo completely different from last year in Black & white for the categories Architectural and Cityscapes, also i presented a serie for Photojournalism about the manifestations of independence in Catalonia during 2017. Both was awarded with a mention in the 3 categories! So happy for the results!


Photo guide St Petersburg

Based in St Petersburg for the last year as photographer, i know the better photographic places and the best hours to visit & do the best photographs in the city. I will guide you around the city, visit and helping to do an amazing photography and catch the spirit of the historical capital of Russia: Saint Petersburg (Architectural, cityscapes, street…) Also i will be helping you with everything you need in your visit to Saint Petersburg: restaurants, bars, markets… in resume everything you need!


Llevo viviendo en San Petersburgo el último año, ademas de haber estado visitándola regularmente varios años. Conozco los mejores puntos fotográficos y las mejores horas para hacer las mejores fotografías de la ciudad. Te guiare alrededor de la ciudad, visitando y ayudándote para hacer increíbles fotografías y capturar el espíritu de la capital histórica de Rusia: San Petersburgo (Arquitectura, paisajes urbanos, fotografía callejera…) También te ayudare con todo lo que necesites en tu visita a San Petersburgo: restaurantes, bares, mercados…en resumen todo lo que necesitas!

Yucatan tour: Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is a small island close to Cancun, in the north of Yucatan region. To come there, its easy but i can suggest you to book before the hotel to be sure that you will have place to sleep…last years tourism is growing without control! From Cancun you can take a bus to come to Chiquila, there is a ferry every hour to go to Holbox. Even if you go by car, the local people of Chiquila is renting his land to park your car during your stay at Holbox.

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)


Move in Holbox island is not as usual… there is not usual taxis and even is strange to see a car. People move by quad or bycicles, you can rent or ask for quad-taxi when you come. Island is ready for tourist, local people live from it but not the streets that continue being sand pathways. Another curious thing of the island is about water and electricity, talking with local people they explain me that during the high season is normal that water finish or electricity is off during some hours.

Tourists in a street of Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)


In the past, the local people was working in the sea. Actually, they live from tourism: restaurants, hotels and one the most popular thing to do is to make a tour by boat to see the whale shark. Another attraction, is to (try) to see the bioluminescence of his beach during the night (the perfect season is April). Anyway, the best of Isla Holbox is his beach during the day…you can feel as in paradise if you dont come in high season. Long beachs, clean water, nature and some civilization to take a drink and local food close to the sea for a normal price.

Dock in a beach of Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Couple walking and chaise-longue in a beach in Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)


So, if you dont like to be with thousand of people in the beach at your holidays in Riviera Maya…spend your days in Isla Holbox. You will enjoy traditional food and find so many beachs to enjoy your days in the Caribbean sea and relax.


Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

Yucatan tour: Live as a local

I start my travel blog with one of my favourite countries that i love to visit as much as possible: Mexico. Since this moment i travel there two times, visiting the Yucatan peninsula, including Riviera Maya that is the most touristic place. But i like to visit the real Mexico: mayan ruins, colonial churchs, mangroves and walk into his villages to see how is the real mexican culture.

yucatan, mexico, coca cola, breakfast, restaurant, taqueria, small, travel, photo


In this way, i try to make contacts before and during my travels, helping me to visit amazing places that usual tourist dont even know that exists or that can look dangerous for a casual tourist. As my main language is spanish, its not a problem to have real cool conversations with local people and move in public transport or even travel with them making new friends.
Local people sitting in the exterior of central market of Teabo (Yucatan, Mexico)

During my last trip in May, i stay in a small house the most of the days in Merida (Yucatan). It was easy to find a “taqueria” the first day close to my home. I visit the same every day, making new friends that suggest me new places to visit and give me a tasty local food for a real cheap money. Local food can be amazing, but you must be careful if you dont like spices 🙂



For a tourist, you must be carefull to be careful in shops or touristic places, but in the street local people will give you always the best advices to find good restaurants or bars. Even in touristic places as Isla Contoy, you can easy find local places, just look where local people is having dinner!



If you have an apartment, dont be affraid to visit local markets to buy food. Supermarkets will have usual products, but if you want to taste real mexican food…let them to advice you what is fresh. Even if you stay in a hotel, they can suggest you where to eat good food close to the market 😉

Central market in Acanceh, Yucatan state, Mexico
Walking around the main streets is a bit crazy some moments, shorts sidewalks full of people every hour. But there you can see how people is living. Buy some drinks or foods in the street being careful, its more special than drink a cocktail in a resort where you not see the local life.



In next posts, i will write about mayan culture…ruins, mayan people, traditions… follow me on my social networks or subscribe to my blog to receive news! 🙂 (you have a subscription form down the page)

Thanks to read, comment down if you like it 🙂

"La realidad del pueblo maya en el s. XXI". Campamento Hidalgo, Yucatan, Mexico. Mayo 2017. Fotografia documental

Ballet shows

Works for differents Ballet shows during the last years

Fine Art Photography Awards 2016

FineArtPhotographyAwardsSpecial nomination in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2016. I didnt send to another conquest last year, so it was an honor to receive this nomination in Cityscapes category. I will need to try more 🙂